The objective of the Otto Moensted Foundation is to contribute to the development of Danish trade and industry.

According to the original deed of the foundation from 1934, the distributions from the Foundation are intended for:

  1. supporting the education of talented young businessmen and engineering students or graduates with no or limited private means.
  2. educating teachers at business schools, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and possibly the technical colleges in Denmark.
  3. promoting and developing plans and undertakings within trade and industry which the Board of the foundation deems to have the potential for promoting Denmark´s commercial and corporate sectors or otherwise being honourable for Denmark.

The Otto Moensted Foundation distributes around 20 to 25 DKK million regularly every year. In some years, it has made extraordinary large donations aimed, for instance, at establishing housing for visiting professors at DTU and at Copenhagen Business School.

The present Board continues to maintain a clear international focus, the priorities being to provide talented students with the opportunity to study abroad, to make it possible for skilled university researchers to attend conferences abroad or reside as visiting scholars at esteemed universities outside Denmark, and to appoint foreign visiting professors to enhance the academic level in Denmark. The Foundation supports different initiatives aiming at bringing research from academia into the business world.

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