Universitarium is an educational, entertaining and interactive experimentarium with the purpose of heightening children and young people’s interest in technical and scientific phenomena. At the Universitarium, visitors are encouraged to discover and explore via interactive learning exhibitions, through which they can gain knowledge and a better understanding of the world around them.

The Universitarium is eye-level with their audience, making the abstract more concrete by focusing on everyday objects and other well-known phenomena. On top of that, the people guiding guests through the exhibits and the various elements are always students themselves. This adaptive way of communicating knowledge creates an effective dialogue, since the guides themselves are young and can thus explain difficult phenomena with words and examples, that more easily capture the interest of children.

In order to stay relevant and keep the public’s interests, the theme of the exhibits change from year to year. Developing and financing a new exhibit every year requires a lot of resources, which is why the Otto Mønsted Foundation’s contributions together with other sponsors has helped realize this goal.
In 2018, the Universitarium was all about safety and security, titled – WATCH OUT!

Below are a few of the activities and themes brought up during the exhibition:

  • Fire safety, where the Universitarium had set up an exhibit illustrating a short circuiting, showing how a battery can catch fire.
  • Traffic safety, where a mini-crash test gave a clear indication that high speeds can be lethal, and that break distances grow exponentially based on speed.
  • Cloudbursts and floodings as well as how these are affected by climate change. How do you build dams and other tools to protect yourself from flooding?