The Festival of Natural Sciences 2019

The Festival of Natural Sciences, supported by the Otto Mønsted Foundation, took place around the country during week 39. The theme of the festival was “the secrets of water”.

It was a week, where more than 150,000 children and young people dove deep into the science of water, student teachers at University College Copenhagen Frederiksberg were visited by about 5,000 pupils from different primary and secondary schools. They were given opportunity to participate in around 30 different workshops/experiments, arranged by enthusiastic teachers and external planners, such as the Planetarium and Copenhagen Zoo. With a focus on subjects like water circulation, the physiology of dolphins and plastic in the oceans, the student teachers created experimental scientific activities, learning took place via robots, music, animal voices etc. In addition pupils from several 8th grade classes created workshops/activities for the youngest pupils, based on the thought that one learns best by explaining to others.

Watch a short video about the festival.

As part of the Festival of Natural Sciences, the “mass experiment” of the year had a focus on mapping out plastic contamination of nature in Denmark. Around 57,000 pupils participated in the experiment. They were asked to systematically collect plastic in a chosen area of nature in a random spot in Denmark, the plastic was later analyzed. Below, you can see an image of a couple of pupils examining part of their catch.