Student & Innovation House

A supporting principle of the Student & Innovation House is, that the project is driven by students – for students. A visionary student house whose activities and users will create positive change in society and explore new solutions to societal challenges through engagement, curiosity and bridge building.

The Otto Mønsted Foundation has helped support the project through payment of a Director of Activities and Rebuilding which is a full-time project manager position with the aim of developing and anchoring the organization.

“We have gone from being a small handful of firebrands centered around CBS to being a larger organization with 40 dedicated students from a range of Danish universities and university colleges. Dedication creates energy – and this energy needs direction to be utilized optimally. As such, there is no doubt that the grant given by the Otto Mønsted Foundation, which makes it possible to hire of a dedicated project manager as well as two additional project employees (student helpers paid by CBS), has been vital for organizing this years energy – and thus also this year’s success and growth,” comments the Student & Innovation House.

The organization has grown both in number and diversity over the course of 2018, building bridges between trade students, polytechnical students, creative students and many others. At present the Student & Innovation House has members from both CBS, DTU, AAU, KU, the School of Architecture, KEA, CPH Business and the IT University.

The ambition is for the house to be driven by an organization with well-established partnerships capable of facilitating bridge building of engaging activities.