Skylab is the hub for innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU and houses a pulsing environment of course activities, business collaborations and startup-support. The innovation hub has experienced an explosive growth since its inception in 2013. Both businesses and researchers have taken an increasing interest – not just students.

This rising level of interest has led to a need for expanding the audience and developing new facilities for learning, projects and development. This expansion has become a reality through a combination of donations and investments. The new Skylab functions as a hub connecting students, researchers, startups and corporate life in a combined system of technology and business. Skylab creates opportunities to prepare startups, as well as helps more established businesses turn technological changes and challenges into profitable possibilities.

The increasing level of activity made it difficult to set aside the necessary time to seek out and react to the opportunities which continually arose for new projects and collaborations. The Otto Mønsted Foundation has supported DTU Skylab with funds for a 2-year hiring of a “scale up officer” tasked with seeking external funds to be used for matching the new physical space with activities that promote the technology- based innovation.

Activities in the new Skylab will be concentrated around the following themes:

  • Research based development
  • Interdisciplinary projects and collaborations
  • Counseling and business development
  • Project development and prototyping at both big and small scale.

This focus reflects Skylab’s interdisciplinary approach as well as the fact that the activities can support a wide range of technologies, industries and areas.