Otto Mønsteds Bright Idea Award 2019

For the first time, the Otto Mønsted Foundation presented The Bright Idea award to projects in the field of climate, circular economy and fast 3D printing. The award is allocated to a student – BSc, MSc, Ph.d., postdoc or a group of young researchers – who either has a bright idea or who has developed a solution with business potential.

The award goes hand in hand with the Foundations main purpose of contributing to the development of Danish trade and industry. There has been great interest in being nominated for this price from universities and other facilities for higher learning across the country.

The Bright Idea award was presented by chairman of the Foundation Bo Stærmose. The ceremony took place at the general meeting of MADE, Manufacturing Academy Denmark, in May in Industriens Hus. The reason being that the Otto Mønsted Foundation also sponsors the Otto Mønsted Foundation´s MADE Award.
The three winners were given 200,000 DKK, 100,000 DKK and 50,000 DKK respectively to continue their research.

Please find a short video of the award ceremony HERE.




1. Mingyi Xu, ph.d., DTU – the winner of 200.000 DKK.
The Bright Idea: The manufacture of food protein from carbon dioxide, water and electricity (eMeal).
Reason: “The Jury is especially impressed by the project’s new approach to the manufacture of protein for food production and sees a great potential for the technology, when it is fully developed.”




2.Markus Bockholt, ph.d, Michele Colli, ph.d., and Jesper Hemdrup Kristensen, postdoc, all from Aalborg University – the winners of 100,000 DKK
The Bright Idea: Developing an understanding of the recycling patterns of industrial organisations, inspired by models for predators and prey in nature, so that companies can better develop a circular production.
Reason: ”The Jury has put special emphasis on the fact that the group of researchers have applied and validated their method and achieved substantial results in an industrial context.”







3. Eythor Eiriksson, postdoc, David Bue Pedersen, senior researcher., both from DTU and Jakob Wilm, assistant professor, SDU – the winners of 50,000 DKK.
The Bright Idea: Developing a new, incredibly fast 3D printing technology free of artefacts and able to reduce printing times from days to hours or even minutes.
Reason: ”The Jury is very impressed by the project’s disruptive potential and the team’s entrepreneurial ambitions.”

The jury behind The Bright Idea consists of:

  • Kigge Hvid, partner, JA studio.
  • Ole Kring, Investment Director, Vækstfonden.
  • Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, professor at DTU Compute and member of the Otto Mønsted Foundation’s board.
  • Jesper Højberg Christensen, Adjunct professor at CBS.
  • Børge Obel, Professor at Aarhus University.
  • Bo Stærmose, chairman of the board at the Otto Mønsted Foundation.