The House of Natural Sciences

In February of 2018, the House of Natural Sciences opened for an art project with the goal of challenging the audience in the meeting between man and technology.

The exhibit and artwork, all relating to the different branches of the natural sciences, were supported by the Otto Mønsted Foundation. The decoration is a part of the house’s learning processes, where the meeting between art and technology functions as an eye opener capable of giving students scientific insight and inspiration.

“We are very happy about the pieces of art, which have given our round house a whole new element, which we believe can breed new thoughts in our many visiting students and teachers. We are very grateful for the support of the Otto Mønsted Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation, who has made our project a reality,” says Nanna Seidelin, director of the House of Natural Sciences.

The House of Natural Sciences develops authentic and use-oriented tuition, with the purpose of inspiring more young people to choose an education within the fields of natural science and technology for the sake of a common, sustainable future.

                      Billedresultat for naturvidenskabernes hus