Green Challenge

GREEN CHALLENGE is an educational initiative at DTU. The goal is to ensure that the engineers of the future have the skillset to integrate aspects of sustainability, climate technology and knowledge of the environment into their work.

Once a year this work culminates in green and sustainable initiatives for use in teaching in the Green Challenge student conference. At this conference, all students at DTU have the chance to publicly present their visionary projects and compete for prizes.

The student conference Green Challenge was held at DTU June 2018. It was the seventh time the event took place and over 300 students participating with over 124 projects, all focused on sustainability and categorized following the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Otto Mønsted Foundation sponsored;

  • The 1st prize for best bachelor project
  • The 1st prize for best masters project
  • As well as other prizes.

Among the projects was a system used in handling and recycling water from cloudbursts, a cooling box made of straw grafted with oyster mushrooms, a sustainable solution for the new 5G network and many more.


Fotos: Ulrik M. Nielsen