The new Experimentarium

Fascination and excitement for the natural sciences are at the center of the new Experimentarium. From mathematical riddles to the exploration of the qualities of light and water, to exhibits about energy and the environment. The goal is to spark an interest in natural science and technology among children and young people.

In January 2017 the new Experimentarium opened containing 16 new universes of exhibits filled with interactive activities, all of which are characterized by the visitor having to involve themselves in the meeting with science.

One of these universes is the Labyrinth of Light, supported by the Otto Mønsted Foundation. In the Labyrinth of Light, visitors can experience and experiment with many of the fascinating aspects and qualities of light. Some of the activities include: The laser harp, freezing your shadow, painting a colorless room with light and a universe of sparkling lights.

Furthermore, the Otto Mønsted Foundation has supported the publication of the folder “Bring home the Experimentarium”, which allows visitors to continue exploring the natural sciences and technology after their visit. Visitors can experiment and delve deeper into exactly the themes and subjects they find interesting along the way in the comfort of their own home.

The folder can be found HERE.

Billedresultat for lyslabyrinten         Billedresultat for lyslabyrinten