The Danish Museum of Science and Technology

At the Danish Museum of Science and Technology (abbreviated in danish to DTM), the objects on display are the source of stories – from the earliest inventions to a peek into a possible future.

An example of this is Denmark’s history of innovation, presenting both a historical and current look at how Denmark has become one of the world’s leading high-tech societies. Just as the number of new patents can be viewed as an indicator of how innovative a society is, the Danish history of patents tells the story of the groundbreaking Danish inventions and industrial breakthroughs of the 20th century, as well as the story of the pioneers behind them.
“Denmark’s history of innovation is unknown to the broad modern audience, despite the fact that the need for and interest in the subject has never been greater. We have a wholly unique collection of prototypes and models, that are not just historically valuable, but might also serve as a strong tool for those wanting to know more about entrepreneurship and innovation. That is why I’m glad that we can now activate our collection on a digital platform,” says Jesper Buris Larsen, director of the Danish Museum of Science and Technology.

The Otto Mønsted Foundation decided to support DTM’s initiative to develop a digital platform for the history of Danish patents and innovation.

The development of an open digital platform for the collection of patents began in February 2018. The purpose was to systemizing the entire collection and thus create both a relatable and socially relevant frame through with the collection’s potential can be unfolded in a greater context for a modern audience.

The collection consists of more than 2,500 prototypes, handed in alongside patent applications from 1894-1994. Of these, around 400 known and less known examples are showcased as exhibits. From the iconic successes, such as the first LEGO brick, the folded lampshades of Le Klint and the egg trays of Brdr. Hartmann, to the optimistic amateur’s attempt to realize a dream of having their – more or less – brilliant ideas recognized. Please find more information about the inventions here.

The platform will be used by businesses, educational institutions as well as the public at large.